Monday, March 28, 2011

Want to lose weight – it needs efforts!

Weight loss is thing that is on the minds of many women these days. The moment they see a new diet that is followed by any celebrity, women, especially teenage girls blindly follow this diet. But the basic concept behind weight loss is to maintain your health and make sure that you are away from diseases. Do you want to lose weight? Then be ready for some hard work, as it needs efforts.

Excess weight is an invitation to many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol problems, arthritis, hypertension, blood pressure and so on. So make sure that you weight is in control. There are ways to measure your weight that can be proportionate to your body structure and your height. This can be calculated with the help of BMI – body mass index. This BMI helps you in evaluating which portions of your body have more fat content than necessary.

Though many people will tell you different ways to lose weight, I will surely give you one perfect yet clichéd advice – correct weight loss exercise. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercises can help you control your weight. Cardio exercises can include many different types of exercises like swimming, playing any kind of outdoor or indoor sport and sweating out. Along with that, an intake of greens, fruits and foods that have very less or oil-free content can be beneficial. You can also opt for a perfectly balanced diet with organic supplements. These will help you out.

There are many diet plans that are told by many people and fitness instructors. But our body has a requirement of food at regular intervals. So, make sure that you follow a diet that involves meals at regular intervals, and make sure that those meals are healthy ones, that include fibers, vitamins and carbohydrates in the correct proportion.

These days, there are people who perform cosmetic surgeries for weight loss. But I think that they are artificial as those surgeries instigate an instant weight loss and that can be dangerous for your body. In case of extreme cases however, it can prove to be the only way out to make a person live. Excess weight brings a pressure on your heart and this can make your heart overwork.

Crash diet/ fad diets are a craze that is very dangerous. It is reported that many models starve themselves in order to look thin and stay in shape. There were speculations, that they eat Kleenex, or eat and vomit the food out to maintain their diet. This can prove to be hazardous as these methods cannot be safe on a long term basis. Some models have been rumored to die because of anorexia. This can make matters worse if you are looking in for a substantial weight loss.

Plan your day and follow your routine and diet for weight loss accordingly. You can lose weight by drinking skimmed and toned milk. It is said that milk is a complete diet and it can fulfill many of your physical needs.

Hence, make sure that you lose weight in a healthy way taking correct efforts.


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  3. Most of the people in U.S suffer from obesity. It is mainly because of the irregular food habits. Hence practicing healthy diet should be followed from the very early stage.

  4. My 10 Weight Loss Tips
    These weight loss tips will be most effective for those who gained few additional kilos after an improper diet plan.
    1. All dieticians advise to take as many fruits and vegetable as you can. They contain all vitamins, antioxidants and fibers which your body needs. Eating a lot of greens is the most natural and easy way to get rid of some fat and to make your lifestyle healthier.
    2. You can eat fresh fruits like a general meal but it will be even better if you will take them between mealtimes. It helps to regulate sugar level and reduce your craving to eat something.
    3. Fresh vegetables must be in your each lunch and dinner. Also, do not mix proteins (meat, beans) with starch (potato, pasta) in on meal.
    4. Meat must be less that 4 to 5 servings a week. When we say meat, we also mean fish and poultry. There are a lot of very tasty vegetarian dishes too!
    5. Start gradually to replace meat with legumes. It can be beans, lentils, peas. Plant protein is very healthy way to change your nutrition for good.
    6. Drinking liquids while eating is the worst habit ever! If you feel very thirsty drink something (better just plain water) after 10 minutes.
    7. Your daily consumption of calories must be well-balanced. It means that you cannot reduce your meal in a big level. Do everything gradually and also keep in mind that it’s better to have 5 or 6 small light meals throughout the day that to have 3 big meal a day and to starve between them.
    8. There are some “hidden” calories that can enormously add up our weight when we are not even aware of it. They are pop, cream, juices with sugar or sugar in our tea or coffee. Try to avoid them, using instead at least 8 glasses of water to balance hydration of our body.
    9. Of course, you must exercise in regular basis! Even 30 minutes a day is enough to feel better and give your body nice training.
    10. Alcohol must be cut because it is very rich in calories which are very “light” in becoming additional fat. Follow these weight loss tips and be happy!
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  5. I think every person has to find the right mix for themselves there is no one size fits all plan.

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