Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lose Weight Through High Fiber Diet

When you are overweight you are susceptible to health problems like heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, breathing problems and depression. A high fiber diet can control these medical problems. A high fiber diet controls weight but it is beneficial only when it travels through your digestive system. Fiber complements the healthy eating and enables weight loss. Weight loss pills are not healthy. Consuming fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits are the fastest way to lose weight. Weight loss diet is a lot about how much fiber is consistently consumed in your diet. Why is fiber such an important component in losing weight?

Fiber, is a sugar like substance; polysaccharide. Fiber comes in various forms. It is the part of the plant that the human body cannot digest. All vegetables and fruits have some amount of fiber. But, how does fiber help our body? To understand this we need to know that there are two fibers:


Insoluble fibers absorb water, and create bulkier stools which help to regulate the stool pattern. The bacteria which are in the lower bowel or colon do not break down the fiber. The high bulk in stools is from the absorbed water. The insoluble fibers are barley, rye, corn, rice and wheat.

Soluble fiber also absorbs water and it becomes sticky. Examples of soluble fiber are oats, fruit pectin, gum, gum Arabic, oat bran. Soluble fibers are used as food source by the necessary colon bacteria. Bacteria actually create the nutrition needed by the cell lining on the colon.

Fiber exclusively has no calories, it supplies bulk to your diet which gives satisfaction of chewing and gives a feeling of full stomach. Foods containing fiber take long time to eat and this means that the stomach feels full sooner and thus you eat less. Fiber rich foods fill your stomach and thus you do not feel hungry frequently.

Fiber gives the body the ability to get rid of the waste products once our body digests other forms of food. Fiber facilitates the passing of the waste, and in medical terms it is referred to as stools. This is the primary role of fiber. Removal of food waste in an effective manner is vital for our health. If you are eating high calorie food and not consuming fiber you cannot fight the bulge. The high calorie food like sweets, cookies, chips, burgers, processed food contain little fiber and thus the tendency to put on weight with these foods is high. Fiber can help you to fight this weight. You put less weight with high fiber food because it helps you to stay without food for a longer time. Fiber foods are low in calories and as they are not being digested they do not result in storage of fats. Without water, fiber will not be able to pass out the food. Fiber absorbs water and then adds bulk thus the stools get soft and easily pass. This is the secret of better digestion resulting from fiber foods. Thus in spite of consuming high fiber foods, without sufficient water you will be constipated. On a high fiber food diet the recommended water consumption is 8 glasses of water a day.
When you consume a high fiber diet and you wish to lose weight fast, you
need to keep some imperatives in mind.. High fiber diet should always be supplemented with high consumption of water in order to lose weight. . But, if you drink too much of water then this will result in your body not absorbing the nutrients which are needed, thus it is advisable to stick to eight glasses of water and no more.


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