Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is Slimming Belts Work? The Shocking Truth Revealed

The best way to lose weight is to indulge in good amount of exercise and to adopt a healthy life style. But it sure is not the easiest way to lose weight. It needs you to commit to a healthy life style. We keep on hunting for the fastest way to lose weight, and see numerous advertisements. Some of them show the slimming belt as a good way to lose weight. These gadgets claim to help us lose weight and slimming belts are one of the oldest of such gadgets. You fit the belt around the area where you feel you have a bulge or accumulation of fat. The imperative question is that will it work?

Yes, to a certain extent they do work. The core muscles get stimulated by the belt and the belt causes them to contract. Some slimming belts do have vibrations or you can apply a mild electric charge where sometimes you feel the burning sensation. The slimming belts help the body to sweat and the fat will get reduced. Slimming belts worn under the clothes work well but the belts should not be overused because they might be harmful. You need to be aware and alert that some slimming belts create discomfort leading to burns at times serious burns. The seller might not be aware of this so you need to be careful. Other than slimming you they support you during a rigorous work out. But, use a slimming belt with a perfect diet and exercise is also vital for losing weight. The belt is like a motivator and we need to work out properly. It helps to shape up the core muscles. The slimming belts that develop muscle mass will not be helpful in shaping you up or reducing the extra flab.

Most slimming belts help you to get rid of the excess water formed inside your body. It helps in getting rid of the toxin since we sweat when it is on. Any weight loss which is the result of merely sweating is actually loss of water. When you have a drink again since you are thirsty due to dehydration, the weight gets back on. So may be these slimming belts work as temporary measures but in the long run to lose weight there is no substitute to exercise regimen and healthy diet.


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  2. I completely agree with the above said thing..We don't have time considering today's life style..But again the best method for loosing weight is drinking LOTS of water and slight control in the diet..See the results !